Apa itu Samdecanth (Bagian2)

Apa itu Samdecanth (Bagian2)
June 17, 2016 samdecanth

Apa itu Samdecanth (Bagian2)


Samdecanth.com – What is Samdecanth ?

brand’s philosophy :

we are inspired by the spirit of youth, to leave comfort zone and explore new things. we also encouraging the others to do the same and try to meet their daily needs by continually creating good quality yet usefull products.

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vision :

we have a dream that our brand will be a blessing for local craftsmen by giving them a good production rates, and would like to provide jobs opportunity especially for low educated people.

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value :

up-to-date design, built to last quality and easy to use is the three values that always be our consider to create the products to meet your needs.


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